Slana to Nabesna

The Nabesna Road is one of only two roads which provide access into majestic Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Rural homesteads and trails are scattered along this 42 mile gravel road which extends from the community of Slana south to the historic mining destination of Nabesna.

Nabesna Road MP 1 - 42

Including communities of: Slana and Nabesna

Hart D Ranch (lodge, RVs, cabins) MP .5 Nabesna Rd 907-822-3973
Huck Hobbit's Campground & Hostel MP 4 Nabesna Rd 907-822-3196   
Twin Lakes Campground MP 27 Nabesna Rd  
Sportsmen's Paradise MP 28 Nabesna Rd 907-240-2068
Devil's Mountain Lodge MP 42 Nabesna Rd 907-339-9329 or 822-5312

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