Pippen Lake to Chitina

Pippen Lake is the start of the Edgerton Highway (Alaska State Hwy #10). This highway travels through the small, farming community of Kenny Lake and ends at the riverine village of Chitina, on the banks of the mighty Copper River. The Wrangell-St. Elias mountain range provides a picturesque backdrop to the many tracts of agricultural lands and forested areas.

Edgerton Hwy MP 1 to the Copper River, Alaska State Hwy #10

Including communities of: Kenny Lake and Chitina

Pippin Lake B&B MP 82.2 Richardson Hwy 907-822-0435
Wellwood Center B&B MP 5.5 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-3418
Copper Moose B&B MP 5.8 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-4244 1-866-922-4244
Kenny Lake Mercantile and RV Park MP 7.2 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-3313
Camp Redington Hostel and Campground MP 7.5 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-5280
Kenny Lake Chalet MP 7.7 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-4034
Golden Spruce Cabins MP 9.9 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-5556
Bear & Bison B&B MP 17.2 Edgerton Hwy 907-822-4109
Chitina Guest Cabins Chitina 907-823-2266
Chitina House B&B Chitina 907-255-2298
Chitina Native Corporation RV Chitina 907-823-2223
Caribou Clan Cabin Chitina 907-823-2223
Gilpatrick's Hotel Chitina MP 33 Edgerton Hwy 907-823-2244

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