Mentasta to Gakona Junction

Also known as the Tok Cut-off of the Glenn Highway, this 78-mile stretch of highway follows along the beautiful Copper River and the northern boundary of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Scenic overlooks, pull-outs, and picnic spots are sprinkled in to make for an enjoyable drive.

Glenn Highway, Tok Cut-off MP 1 - 78, Alaska State Hwy #1

Including communities of: Mentasta, Slana, Chistochina, and Gakona

Mentasta Lodge MP 78 Tok Cut-off 907-291-2324
Midway Service MP 61 Tok Cut-off 907-822-5877
Grizzly Lake Ranch MP 53 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3239
Red Igloo Cabins MP 4.7 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3349
Gakona Alaska RV Park MP 4.25 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3550
Chistochina Bed and Breakfast MP 36.5 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3989
Copper River Ranch   907-822-3247
Sinona Creek RV Park and Campground MP 34.5 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3914
Red Eagle Lodge MP 32.7 Tok Cut-off 907-822-5299
Riverview Bed and Breakfast MP 3 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3321
Gakona Lodge and Trading Post MP 2 Tok Cut-off 907-822-3482
Gakona Junction Village MP 128.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3664

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