Chitina to McCarthy and Kennicott

The unpaved road from Chitina to McCarthy provides one of the only two points of road access into Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Originally the route for the CR&NW Railroad, this road traverses both historic and scenic landscapes, culminating near the historic towns of McCarthy and Kennicott.

Including communities of: Strelna, Chokosna, McCarthy, and Kennicott

Alaska Halfway House B&B MP 27 McCarthy Rd 907-259-4300
Aspen Meadows B&B McCarthy 907-554-4454
Currant Ridge Cabins McCarthy 1-877-647-2442
McCarthy Bed and Breakfast MP 59 McCarthy Rd 907-554-4433
Glacier View Campground McCarthy 907-243-6677
McCarthy Lodge McCarthy 907-554-4402
Kennicott Cottages Kennicott 907-345-7961
Kennicott Glacier Lodge Kennicott 1-800-582-5128
Kennicott River Lodge & Hostel Kennicott 907-554-4441
17 Silk Stocking Row Kennicott 612-701-4136

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