Glennallen to Thompson Pass

The Richardson Highway (Alaska State Hwy #8), from Glennallen (MP 117) to Thompson Pass in the Chugach Range (MP 30), traverses a variety of landscapes with outstanding views. From the black spruce forests of the Glennallen to Willow Lake area to the drier, more hilly and mountainous region of Pippen Lake to Thompson Pass, the traveler will encounter a variety of vegetation, wildlife, and friendly folks.

Richardson Hwy MP 117 - 30 and old Richardson and Copper Center Loop Rd, Alaska State Hwy #4

Including communities of: Tazlina, Copper Center, Willow Lake, Pippen Lake, and Tonsina

Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge MP 102 Richardson Hwy 907-822-4000 907-822-4000
Copper River Retreat MP 102 Richardson Hwy 1-509-860-9697
Homestead B&B MP 105 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3638
Sawing Logzz B&B MP 105 Old Richardson Hwy 907-822-3242
Copper Center Lodge Copper Center Loop Rd 907-822-3245
Copper Rail Depot Copper Center Loop Rd 907-822-3522
Klutina Salmon Charters and Campground Old Richardson Hwy 907-822-3991
Grizzly Pizza MP 92.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3005
Willow Lake B&B MP 88.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3961
Pippin Lake B&B MP 82.2 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3046
Tonsina Lodge MP 79 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3000
Tiekel River Lodge MP 56 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3259
Alaska Rendezvous Lodge and Heli-Skiing MP 45 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3300
Aura Borealis B&B MP 110.3 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3639

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