Glennallen to Paxson

This section of the Richardson Highway (Alaska State Hwy #4), from milepost 118-185.6, extends north from Glennallen to Paxson. Travelling along this stretch of the highway, the famous Gulkana River winds its way on the western side, while the Wrangell Mountains are visible to the east and southeast and the Alaska Range rises up in the north.

Richardson Highway MP 118 - 185.6, Alaska State Hwy #4

Including communities of: Glennallen, Gulkana, Gakona Junction, Sourdough, Meier's Lake, and Paxson

Dry Creek State Campground MP 118 Richardson Hwy  
Gulkana Guest Cabins MP 127.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-5691
KingFisher's Perch MP 127.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-5411
Copper River Country B&B MP 127.8 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3388
Gakona Junction Village MP 128.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3664
Gulkana River Ranch B&B MP 129 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3130
Gulkana River RV Park MP 132 Richardson Hwy 907-822-4234
Sourdough Campground MP 147.5 Richardson Hwy  
Sourdough Lodge MP 147.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3636
Meier's Lake Roadhouse MP 170 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3151
Paxson Lake Campground MP 175 Richardson Hwy  
Paxson Lodge MP 185.5 Richardson Hwy 907-822-3330
Paxson Alpine Tours and Cabins MP 185.6 Richardson Hwy




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