Glennallen to Eureka

The Glenn Highway (Alaska State Hwy #1), from Glennallen to Eureka Summit provides the traveler with extensive views of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Noticeable changes in vegetation are indicators of underlying permafrost conditions.

Glenn Hwy MP 189 - 128 and Lake Louise Road (turn off at MP 160), Alaska State Hwy #1

Including communities of: Glennallen, Tolsona, Lake Louise, Mendeltna, Nelchina, and Eureka

Northern Nights Campground & RV MP 188.7 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3199 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            907-822-3199      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Moosehorn RV Park MP 187.5 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3953 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            907-822-3953      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Glennallen's Rustic B&B Resort MP 187.5 Glenn Hwy 907-259-2002
Caribou Hotel MP 187 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3302 1-800-478-3302
Tolsona Wilderness Campground MP 173 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3865
Tolsona Lake Resort MP 170.5 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3433 1-800-245-3342
Lake Louise Lodge MP 16.1 Lake Louise Rd 907-822-3311 1-877-878-3311
Evergreen Lodge MP 16.5 Lake Louise Rd 907-822-3250
Wolverine Lodge MP 16.5 Lake Louise Rd 907-822-3988
The Point Lodge MP 17.2 Lake Louise Rd 907-822-5566 1-800-808-2018
Lake Louise State Campground MP 17.2 Lake Louise Rd  
Crosswind Lake Lodge and River Camp MP 156 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3061
Mendeltna Lodge MP 153 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3346
Nelchina Lodge and Cabins MP 143.3 Glenn Hwy 907-822-4555
Slide Mountain Cabins & RV Park MP 135 Glenn Hwy summer - 907-822-3883 winter - 907-822-5864
Eureka Lodge MP 128 Glenn Hwy 907-822-3808
Antler's Rest B&B MP 188 Glenn Hwy 907-822-4007

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